Mormon Parenting Problems

If you are a Mormon mom or dad, I’m sure you have experienced many of these Mormon parenting problems!


Saying goodbye at the MTC when your child leaves on a mission.



Keeping your kids awake during family scripture study.

 giphy (5)

Crying when you see your child speak in the primary program.

 giphy (3)


Having to hurry and write your child’s primary talk during Sacrament meeting because you forgot all week.



Waking your child for early morning Seminary.



Getting your kids focused right before family prayer.



Having a 7 passenger car and still being short on seats.




When your husband is in Bishopric Meetings on Sunday mornings, brushing your child’s hair becomes about efficiency and not comfort…




and it’s all about everyone getting into the car NOW!



Shopping at Costco and still only having enough food for a week.



At PTA Meetings



Or being in the audience at that meeting and saying “amen.”



Dropping your 18 month old off at nursery and sneaking out.



Your kids when you forget the dessert at Family Home Evening.


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3 Replies to “Mormon Parenting Problems”

  1. I’m not at the level of some of them but this is yet another hilarious section of mormon problems. Thanks for sharing.

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