If you’re a Mormon, You’ll Understand.

 When you wake up for 9:00 A.M. church just to remember it’s General Conference and you don’t have to get ready.


When someone asks us if we are sick at churchD6oVxE7



How we feel when we are finished with our 3 hour block.
Getting out after a 3 hour block of church



When our parents get us up for early morning seminary



When we get called as nursery leaders with 15 kids in it.
Our motto before we go teach nursery


 When you can’t connect to LDSAccess during church. 

When the LDSAccess wifi isn't working



When you drop your phone in the toilet in between meetings.

When you drop your phone in the toliet at church



When someone brings wheat bread for the sacrament




How we feel when we move to a brand new ward 




MRW my stomach grumbles during the lesson on Fast Sunday.




When your friends go off about how they are going to marry their “EFY Crush” 



 When someone gives a concise but direct explanation of an Isaiah analogy.


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