Review of “Sacred Hymns Arranged and Performed on the Piano by Garth Smith”



So quite often we get asked to do reviews of new and aspiring LDS artists, musicians and singers.  However, few CDs have touched us as much as  “Sacred Hymns” have in our household.  Beautifully arranged and masterfully crafted to allow the listener to feel at peace while following along with their hearts and mind to the sacred hymns that we have come to know and love.

My wife and I absolutely love listening to instrumental hymn music.  However, the one problem I have sometimes is when a musician will redo the original hymn arrangement to the point where, for us every day listening folks, we can’t recognize the original hymn that is being played.  Part of the power of listening to music and hymns in general is following along in your mind as you are listening the music being played. Garth Smith has done a masterful job of inserting his creative mind into these arrangements without overdoing it to the point of not recognizing the hymn.

Anyone listening to this CD will immediately feel of the wonderful spirit that is present as you listen to the masterfully arranged piano renditions of hymns we all love.  The hymns on this CD allow you to refocus and de-stress from the hectic lives we all live whether you are on your way to church/temple or going to the local grocery store.

We would highly recommend “Sacred Hymns” to anyone who is looking for a peaceful, inspirational piano arrangement of the LDS Hymns as it truly has brought peace and tranquility into our homes.  Just click the image below to take a look at his website


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  1. You can listen to the album for free on Spotify. All you need is a Facebook login. (Just go to and download the player for free)

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