New Physical and Mental Assessment Test For Missionaries

Pushups-Sister-ExamSALT LAKE CITY – Prospective missionaries of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints will see changes to the screening process to become qualified for missionary service. The church announced a series of new requirements early Tuesday that will allow for a “better prepared, and more fully equipped” workforce of full-time missionaries. From church headquarters in Salt Lake City, Brother Jacob B. Boswell, head of the Missionary Qualifications and Assessments Department, addressed the media saying, “Since President Monson’s announcement of the missionary age change in October 2012, we have seen our missionary force nearly double.” Brother Boswell continued, “We would like to make one-hundred percent certain that these missionaries are qualified spiritually, as well as physically for the demands of daily missionary labor.”

New spirituality tests, physical assessments, and even background checks, will be conducted to ensure missionaries can handle the rigorous day-to-day demands of missionary work…read the rest of the story here at LDS Bookstore


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