April Fools Day!

It’s almost time for that day that we can all get away with a little bad behavior! We love April Fools Day and sometimes it takes a few days of planning to pull off those perfect pranks! So I thought I would get together a good list of ideas to help you get started in your planning. Enjoy!



Sew a line half way across the center of someone’s sock.

April Fools Day (2)

Use a straight pin to poke a few holes in the top of a water bottle. (My brother did this to me once, they kept laughing every time I took a drink and I could not figure out why until I realized my shirt was all wet! Yes, my siblings got a good laugh!)

April Fools Day (2)

Freeze your children’s bowls of cereal the night before.

April Fools Day (3)

Slice up a banana and then use a need and thread to put the peel back together

April Fools Day (3)

Stuff things into the bottoms of shoes. Tissue works but you could do beads, tissue paper, pennies, etc. Kids will think anything is funny!

April Fools Day (4)


Put saran wrap over the tops of everyone’s shampoo’s.

April Fools Day (5)

Tell your kids you made “brown E’s” for dessert!

April Fools Day (6)

Pretend you just got a phone call from the Principal or teacher at your kid’s school.

April Fools Day (7)

Put googly eyes on the stuff in your fridge. (This is a lot of googly eyes, I don’t know if I’m that ambitious but putting eyes on a few things would definitely work for me!)

April Fools Day (8)

This is just yogurt with a peach half on top. It will fool your kids but they will still love to eat it!

April Fools Day (9)

This would just be awesome!

April Fools Day (10)

Switch out your bags of cereal so all the bags are in the wrong boxes.

April Fools Day (11)

Squirt a few drops of food coloring up your spout before you turn on the kids bathtub.

April Fools Day (12)

Glue some coins to the cement. See how long your kids try to keep picking them up!

April Fools Day (13)

Trick your neighbors and put a for sale sign in the yard.

April Fools Day (14)

Cover the sensor on the TV remote with tape. I would love to do this to John!

April Fools Day (15)

When your kids are asleep, stick them in each other’s beds. They will love it when they wake up in their siblings beds!

April Fools Day (16)

Cut open the bottom of a cheetos bag and replace the cheetos with carrot sticks. Then glue the back back together.

April Fools Day (17)

Clean out a glue bottle (really well) and fill it with juice. Send it to school with your child’s lunch so they can fool their friends.

April Fools Day (18)

Okay… WAY to time consuming and I don’t know about you but anyone in my family would probably just knock the water over but I thought this was a pretty awesome idea!

April Fools Day (20)

Ha ha! (Unless you are the one that needs to use it)

April Fools Day (21)

Just print up a few of these and stick them on the mirror’s at your work!

April Fools Day (22)

I’m sure our kids will love these surprise lollipops! (Or they might throw them at you so be careful)

April Fools Day (23)

And finally two more that have a little mean streak in them…

April Fools Day (25)

And this…

April Fools Day (26)


Happy April Fools day on Tuesday everyone and don’t believe anything you see John post that day!!


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