Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Our 6 year old daughter loves St. Patrick’s day almost as much as Christmas! So we have to make it special. One of my favorite things to do is tell my kids all about Leprechauns and how if you watch carefully you might just see one! They spend all day making traps and hunting for these mischievous little guys. This morning when the kids woke up they discovered that a leprechaun had been playing in their very own house! Here is what he was up to throughout the night…


He took out the books and read them, then stacked them up!








He knocked over all our chairs. Some were even on top of the table!









He took all the cushions off the couch and stacked them up!










He took out their shoes and made a little pile. (This leprechaun must really like to stack!)










Of course he colored our milk green. It took my two year old a little convincing to try drinking it!










Even our muffins were turned green right when we weren’t looking!










These are just some of the things that happened at our home this morning. I absolutely love seeing the joy and excitement that kids have for such simple things in life! And don’t worry, if a leprechaun didn’t come during the night he can always come while the kids are upstairs or playing outside. But don’t forget, when a leprechaun comes, he always leaves a treat!


Have a happy St. Patrick’s day and don’t forget to wear your green, those little guys like to pinch!!


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