11 RMs Share Heartfelt Messages

If you could say anything to a pre-missionary called to your mission, what would you say?

Here are 11 returned missionaries giving their advice and testimonies geared, especially for future missionaries called to their mission.  I’ve listened to over 100 RMs share their messages and these are just a few of my favorites.

RM Messages for newly called missionaries

1) Utah Salt Lake City South Mission (Ryan)

2) Washington Everett Mission (Parker)

3) Ukraine Dnepropetrovsk Mission (Greer)

4) Mexico Mexico City South Mission (Jared)

5) New Zealand Wellington Mission (Evan)


6) Argentina Neuquen Mission (Melanie)

7) Maryland Baltimore Mission (Amanda)

8) El Salvador San Salvador Belize Mission (Mark)

9) Ireland Dublin Mission (Casey)

10) Texas Houston South Mission (Michaela)

11) Australia Melbourne Mission (Dallyn)

*If you’re interested in being video interviewed about your mission experiences, feel free to send me a message here.
*Feel free to watch more RM Interviews on the Prepare to Serve YouTube channel.
*Feel free to see more returned missionary testimonies on our LDS Missionaries Testify Pinterest Board.

If you could share any advice or testimony with a pre-missionary called to serve in your mission, what would you say? (reply in the comments section below).

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