2 Nephi and Jacob Summariezed in Gifs

This is meant to be an incredibly condensed and shorten summary of 2 Nephi and Jacob. Also, we really don’t touch on many of the doctrines especially the many things that are taught in 2 Nephi so if you like the incredibly dumbed down summary in gif format, just imagine how much more you’ll enjoy the doctrines and life lessons taught in the actual book? *end of disclaimer*


So Lehi and his family are in the Promised Land. He tells his sons to put on the armor of righteousness. He goes on to talk about the freedom of choice and how essential that is to existence and progression. Here is when he talks about “Adam fell that men might be; and men are, that they might have joy.”

Lehi talks to Joseph his youngest son about Joseph in Egypt and how Joseph in Egypt saw the Nephites and prophesized of Joseph Smith and the coming forth of the Book of Mormon.

Whoa gif

Lehi blesses his children and his posterity and then dies and is buried. And well this is where we start to see some craziness amongst his children and remember Laman and Lemeul…well they were like


to the whole Nephi being the leader and yep, once again wanted to take away his life (anyone else see a pattern here).

The Lord warns Nephi to leave and go into the wilderness and so Zoram, Sam, Jacob and Joseph and his sisters decide to all follow Nephi. They travel into the wilderness for many days and finally stop and name the land Nephi. As they were following the commandments of the Lord they prospered in the land and lived happily for the space of about 30 years.

Jacob goes through Jewish history from the plates and reads from Isaiah (which is like 80% of 2 Nephi)
Nephi foresees the destruction of his people and sees many things concerning the latter days. He sees that many will reject the Book of Mormon and will say that there cannot be any more Bible. People will be like Book of Mormon?


Nephi dies and wickedness starts to become prevalent among the Nephites.

There was an intelligent man named Sherem who denies Christ and was like “Hey Mr. Prophet man Jacob”


Jacob was like


And totally puts him into his place.

Sherem was like ok, if God exists then show me a sign. Jacob was like


And Sherem was like yeah, seriously…
And Jacob was like alright I’ll let it be up to God and consequently Sherem was smitten by God.

Sherem then asks everyone to gather around and he was like…that whole denying Christ thing, totally kidding and everything that Jacob has been saying


and then Sherem dies.

The Nephites were like shoot, maybe we should go back to being good and so the love of God was restored among them. Jacob then gives the plates to his son Enos before he dies.

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