If You Live in Utah, You’ll Understand

Utah is a great place to live, work and study.  Just as there are only things that Californians, New Yorkers and Texans will understand…well there are some things that only Utahns…or Utahans….will understand.  🙂





How we feel driving our kid’s car after driving our Ford/Chevy King Cab trucks.XEXeL




Coming home from school in a blizzard because school wasn’t canceled yet again. 

When there's a blizzard outside and school still isn't canceled




How my out of state friends react when they find out that I hardly ever go skiing despite having world class resorts

When my out of state friends find out that I've never been skiing before




How I feel when my friends drag me to a Stake dance.

When my friends drag me to a stake dance




How we react when our employers bring Cafe Rio for lunch!

Our reaction when our company brings in Cafe Rio for lunch




Even though it’s been almost 15 years, it still hurts.

This still pains us almost 15 years later




This is us debating the endless question of whether it’s Utahan or Utahn.

Us debating whether it's Utahan or Utahn




How we view Wendover

How we view Wendover




What Wendover actually looks like.  

what it actually looks like



How we react whenever we get positive national attention in the press.  

How we react to any postive national attention




How we felt when we hosted the Winter Olympic games. 

How we felt when we hosted the olympics




How we think we drive in the snow. 





How we actually drive.  






How we reacted when they announced that they were building an In and Out in Utah. 

How we felt when In and Out announced they were building in Utah

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