This Game Will Have You Laughing Out Loud!!

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So if you’ve ever played the game Mad Gab you will know exactly how this works. Here is a version from the game Mormon Mouthful and it’s just like Mad Gab but these are all LDS terms, words, or phrases! So just read these crazy words together and see if you can figure out what the “mormon word” is. Some are easier then others. It’s really fun to do it with someone else and just read them out loud and see if the other person can get it. John and I were doing this last night and we were laughing like crazy! I posted this today for a fun family home evening activity idea (if your children are older). So have fun and just in case you can’t figure one out, I put the answers down at the bottom 🙂


1. Mess She Yawn
2. Kept In More Hone Eye
3. Burr I’m Hairy
4. Have Irma Fun Day Shin
5. Chose If Huffs Myth
6. Brick Kim Hung Hewn If Her City
7. More Toll Bought He
8. Seen Gull Sword
9. Versed Core Him Off Thus Heaven Tee
10. I’ll Have Twos He Thought Hand Pull
11. Though Jaws If His Myth Tree Land Sleigh Chin
12. Chair Hit He
13. Sure Itch Pass Kit Paul
14. Add Ham On Tie Hoe Man
15. Keen Law Moan Eye
16. Tooth House Sands Trip Lean Worry Hers
17. Tap Born Ankle
18. Ten Pulp Resident
19. Eye Rims Myth
20. Saw Hall Tail Aches It He

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1. Mission
2. Caption Moroni
3. Primary
4. How Firm a Foundation
5. Joseph F. Smith
6. Brigham Young University
7. Mortal Body
8. Singles Ward
9. First Quorum of the Seventy
10. I Love to See the Temple
11. The Joseph Smith Translation
12. Charity
13. Church Basketball
14. Adam-ondi-Ahman
15. King Lamoni
16. Two Thousand Stripling Warriors
17. Tabernacle
18. Temple President
19. Hyrum Smith
20. Salt Lake City

So how did you do? Hopefully you laughed, a lot!! If you want more, you can buy the game Mormon Mouthful on!


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