Sabbath day holy, Sunday, Sundays, church, LDS, Mormon, going to church,

Some Ideas to Help Keep the Sabbath Day Holy

Sabbath day holy, Sunday, Sundays, church, LDS, Mormon, going to church,
Sunday is here already and as my kids are begging to watch cartoons, I was thinking about different ways I can teach them about the Sabbath day and keeping it holy. They are so young that it is hard for them to understand. So I thought instead of just taking things away from them we would focus on the fun things we get to do on Sundays. So we pulled out the scripture stories, we sat together on the couch and I asked them questions about the gospel. It is actually very entertaining to listen to them! It reminds me of the cute “Mouths of Babes” video I posted last week!

So I decided I needed some more idea’s of activities we can do on Sunday mornings (our meetings don’t start until 2:30 so really I need to entertain these kiddo’s all day) Here are some great ideas of Sunday activities that I found to bring the family together and keep the Spirit of Sunday alive the whole day:

1. Reserve the day. The Sabbath is supposed to be for the benefit of man. Think of it as a weekly holiday from the world, the day that you don’t have to do your housework. If you work, save your job for the weekdays, unless necessity demands otherwise. Keep worldly things for the worldly days and sacred things for this sacred day.

2. Play church music in your home on Sundays.

3. Discussion time. Always ask your children what they learned in church. Ask them to relate the lesson they were taught, then find out if they have any questions. Maybe even ask them questions to show your own interest and to get them thinking. Sunday is a day of learning, so give your children a setting in which to learn.

4. The Sunday box. Make a special box and fill it with treats and Sabbath day activities (like acting out scenes from the scriptures, or watching an uplifting movie), then hide it during the week. Especially for younger children, the anticipation for the mysterious delights of the Sunday box, only seen once a week, should help them recognize how unique the seventh day is and how certain things are set aside specifically for it.

5. Family time. If you have family that live out of state, or even simply in another house, write letters to them with your children. Have them write what they are learning in church, in school, what they did on Saturday with their friends. Take pictures to include with the letters. If your family lives nearby, visit them or have dinner with them.

6. Service. Contact your Relief Society president and other leaders to find out if there is anyone in the ward that needs service. Whether it’s cooking meals, singing songs, or just talking, take Sunday as your golden opportunity to teach your children (and maybe even yourself) the importance of service.

6. We love watching wholesome church or spiritual videos online. There are so many out there and for me, there is no quicker way to bring the Spirit into our home then through music and video’s.

7. Write letters to the missionaries in your ward. This is a service to those missionaries and their families. I know several mothers who have missionaries serving that love knowing their child is receiving encouraging letters from people in the ward. This is also such a great way to strengthen your ward family.

8. Make up a tic tac toe card and a list of activities that your kids could choose from on Sunday like work on Faith in God, Personal Progress, Duty to God, write a letter, write a thank you note, etc. When they have a tic tac toe they get a treat or watch a “mom approved” movie

9. If your children are older play scripture chase games. Help them memorize different scripture mastery.

10. Sunday is a great day to look through photo albums and talk about family memories. Kids love to do this!

11. Take a walk as a family. Discuss the blessing Heavenly Father has given us through nature.

12. Have your children spend time together. When I think back on my childhood, I remember Sundays as the day I spent playing with my siblings. We had so much fun together and made so many memories. These were the days we were not allowed to play with friends but that was okay because we had each other.

Just remember that with children you have to be consistent. It won’t do you or your family much good if you do something one Sunday, then don’t do it the next. Children are quick to sense hypocrisy. If you want your Sabbath day plans to succeed, you must do them every week, or else they will become meaningless. Hopefully these ideas will help, but just remember that with a little planning Sundays can be such a fun family day and not a bunch of fighting with your kids over doing every day activities!

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  1. Well, for starters, get the correct day. The Sabbath is the seventh day (Friday sundown-Saturday sundown). Sunday is the first day.

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