5 of My Biggest Pet Peeves of the Book of Mormon

1. It helps me to find answers to questions that I have in life. As you can imagine this makes it incredibly hard to constantly complain about all of my problems when it is constantly helping me find answers to them.




2. It helps me to feel the Spirit and uplifts me personally which is annoying when I just want to have my own personal pity party.




3. It compliments the Bible in its teachings which is a pet peeve of mine because I can’t think of a reason of why this would be a pet peeve for this article. 🙂




4. It helps me escape from my busy and hectic life which is annoying when I have so many game requests from my friends on Facebook to attend to.



5. All it does is testify of Christ and adds another testament to His divinity.  I mean, where’s drama in that?




Ok, so if you haven’t figured it out by now yes, the title is a little bit misleading. However, there are so many negative articles and posts out there on the Book of Mormon, we wanted to shed a much different light on the subject. We wanted to share our testimony of the divinity of the Book of Mormon and its very real power to change lives albeit in a satirical blog post.  I know this because of the very real impact that it has had on my life and the life of my family. I know that for those who are searching and looking for answers to many of life’s most challenging problems, that the Book of Mormon in fact can bring that peace and joy that you are searching for by providing answers to those problems.

We’ve included this video of Elder Holland bearing his powerful testimony of the Book of Mormon. He puts into words what many of us already feel in our hearts in a very moving and articulate manner.

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