date night, dating, date ideas, marriage, fun dates, marriage strengthening

My List of Favorite Date Night Ideas


date night, dating, date ideas, marriage, fun dates, marriage strengthening

Last year for our 6 year anniversary I made John this little date night jar. We always find ourselves on Friday and Saturday nights wondering what to do and trying to decide until it’s too late and we don’t do anything. So I thought we needed a quick way to come up with ideas. So I searched the internet for fun ideas and came up with my own list of my favorite ideas. Some of these require going out and a lot of them are just stay at home nights. With three kids, we have to stay in a lot so we have to make it fun! So here are my favorite ideas I have found and feel free to add to the list!

1. Write 15 reasons why you love each other on a paper. Buy a frame and frame your paper. Hang it where you will both see it often.
2. Have a soap carving contest. Let your kids be the judge!
3. Have a camp out in the living room, eat treats, and watch a movie.
4. Go to a bakery and pick out a favorite treat, then talk a walk.
5. Bake cookies, late, just the two of us.
6. Go Bowling! (This is a special one just for John, he loves bowling!)
7. Go out to a restaurant for just drinks and dessert.
8. You Tube date night. Just search and watch as many funny videos as you can.
9. Make a list of all the places we want to go throughout our lifetime.
10. Look up and take some personality tests online together.
11. Watch a movie and eat popcorn.
12. Sketch out our dream house and make a list of must have’s for it.
13. Build a snow man together. (And maybe the kids can help too!)

14. Go to the dollar or thrift store. Each person gets 5 dollars. See who can get the best stuff and meet up at the check stand. Make a date out of whatever you buy!
15. Plan our ten year anniversary vacation!
16. Go see a standup comedian (make sure they are clean!)
17. Go check out a play station game and play it together. (Yes I will do this for you, but you may have to spend the whole time teaching me how to play!)
18. Go to the store and pick out enough random greeting cards to cover you for the year. You will probably laugh a lot! Birthday, Thank You, Mother’s & Father’s Day, and anniversaries. Pick out your favorites then go home and assign them to people.
19. Go to a driving range.
20. Drive out of the city and look at the stars. Take a blanket and treats.
21. Pudding Pictionary- Before your date, ask a friend to write up 20 words on 20 pieces of paper and divide them into two envelopes. Then make a few colors of instant pudding for that night’s game. You don’t have to use all your milk up, just use half water, half milk. It works well and still tastes good! Then take turns picking out a word and drawing it in the pudding. Take turns guessing what the other person is drawing. Put a time limit to make it more exciting.
22. Tell each other at least three (or keep going) reasons why you love them. Then spend the night cuddling!
23. Letter date: Pick out a letter of the alphabet. Think of an activity, food, and dessert that start with that letter.
24. Video Date: Take turns recording each other while asking a series of questions. This would be a great gift for your children one day and fun for you to watch together over the years. Haven’t you ever wondered what your parent’s body movements, facial expressions, and just how they acted and talked when they were your age? Record something now because you never know when the chance will be gone. It should be fun! Here are some questions that you can try:
What was your home town like
How well did you get along with your siblings, parents, and teachers?
If you could re-do anything from the past what would it be?
What were you like throughout grade school?
What are some of your happiest memories from your childhood?
List four dreams (2 practical 2 fun)
List 2 fears
What are your favorite foods (breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks)?
Name 3 hobbies
How did you meet husband/wife?
Name three of your favorite traits of your husband/wife
List a favorite trait of each child or share your favorite memory of each child
What is the craziest thing you have ever done?
What is your favorite color, animal, book, movie, …?
What is your happiest memory?
What was collage like?
List three pieces of advice
Anything else?

25. Go shopping for an umbrella. Go to any store you feel like would have fun umbrella’s and open them in the store. There is always something romantic about standing under an umbrella together.
26. Research how to make fancy paper airplanes. Fold your planes and have a contest to see whose flies farther.
27. Gather pennies from around the house. Go to a wishing well and spend time making wishes together.
28. Check out a movie from the library. See what kind of old fun movie you can find!
29. Go miniature golfing!
30. Random word date- At the start of your date ask your partner to come up with a random word. Using the following list (or make your own) take the word and assign each letter of the word to an item on the list. Do not change the order of the word or the items to keep it spontaneous! Then come up with a way to fulfill each item on the list that begins with the letter you assigned it. For example, if your word is tomato, you could wear the color teal, or wear turtlenecks. You could eat at a restaurant that starts with the letter O or eat something that starts with O. If your word is longer than the list, just add some fun things to it! Here is the list:
What to wear “T”
What to eat “O”
Visit a place “M”
Activity “A”
Discussion topic “T”
Treat “O”
31. Go hang out and explore a bookstore. You will find so many fun things. Pick out one favorite book you both agree on to buy.
32. Go for a walk on a chilly night then go home and make hot chocolate and drink it together.
33. Start a sweetheart journal. Use a notebook to write your thoughts, feelings, and little love notes to each other. It will be a surprise to open it and find special messages you have left for each other over the years.
34. Go to a Jazz game (or any sporting event). Stop and get ice cream on the way home!
35. Take the love language test together on
36. Walk around Temple Square (or any big tourist attraction). Take pictures of each other and pretend you are tourists.
37. Throughout the next week, try to find as many ways to surprise each other with little love notes.

All right, there it is (much longer then I realized when I started!) But hopefully there is something fun in there for everyone! Now go spend time with your honey!  🙂


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