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Happy Anniversary!

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“Married people are sweethearts, in a special creative union, blessed with that powerful chemistry that draws two together, sometimes from next door, sometimes from a world away.” Marion D. Hanks

Today is a very special day! Today is mine and John’s 7 year anniversary! I can’t even begin to express how much I have loved the last 7 years of being John’s wife. I love this man so much!! And even though 7 years seems like a long time, we still treat each other like we are newly weds! Our marriage is magical. (Maybe everyone says this about their marriage just like everyone thinks they have the cutest kids on earth) but I really do think our marriage is special. And I’m so happy I feel this way!!! Don’t we all want to feel that about our marriage? John and I were married in the Bountiful Temple and sealed for all eternity. I love the words spoke way back in 1984’s Oct. conference by Marion D. Hanks. He said about eternal marriage:

“A marriage designed to last forever will be a good marriage, growing and gracious. Wonderful promises are sealed upon a man and woman in temple marriage.A couple married in the temple care about the whole person, the whole future of each other. With good humor and good disposition and genuine consideration of the needs of the other, they set out to make it a happy life. They laugh a lot and cry a little. They are warm and considerate and thoughtful: the note, the telephone call, the kind word, the sensitive response, the excitement of heading home to her, of having him come home.”

I love these words! My marriage has been not just blessed with being together forever but there have been so many more blessings that have come with being married in the temple. We honestly care about the whole person. This is something that John is so good at and has taught me over the years. He never puts himself first. He is always concerned about me above everything else. It is what makes our marriage so special and joyfully happy. Because John serves me! But of course there is more to it, because I feel this way, it makes me want to do the same for him. I want to serve him all that I can. I am always looking for ways I can make him more happy and take away any stress that he might have. And there is never contention because I feel that he does the same.

Marion D. Hanks goes on to say, “Friendship in a marriage is so important. It rejoices in the uniqueness of the other, listens patiently, gives generously, forgives freely. Friendship will motivate one to cross the room one day and say, “I’m sorry; I didn’t mean that.” It will not pretend perfection nor demand it. It will not insist that both respond exactly the same in every thought and feeling, but it will bring to the union honesty, integrity. There will be repentance and forgiveness in every marriage—every good marriage—and respect and trust.

I am so grateful to have John as my best friend! Our marriage is not perfect and we have gone through some really hard times. But when we go through these hard times, we come together and pull each other through, making our marriage so much stronger then it was. John always told me (jokingly) from the first week we started dating that if we can make to seven years, we will be together forever. We have teased each other about that over that time and now it is finally here. Our seven year mark. And I know I will be with this man that I love so deeply forever.
“And the inspiration for all of this is the sweet assurance, that heaven will be heaven for us because we know we will be there with the one we love the best.” Marion D. Hanks


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