community, community building, strengthening community, kindness, service, love, smiling, happiness, lds, mormon, charity,Our family has just recently moved into a new neighborhood and we are  trying to get to know our neighbors and people in our community. As  we walk around the block and meet people I am loving how friendly  everyone is. If I take my kids to the little neighborhood parks, I get  several people who smile and say hi to us and many who we end up  chatting and getting to know a little bit!

I have just felt so great having these people be so friendly to us and I  started thinking about the power of smiling and saying hi. What a great  and easy way to help make our community a better place! I want my  children to be compassionate for other people around them. I think the  best way to do this is teach by example. Do they see me being  compassionate? Do they hear me speak kind words to others? Do I make  the time to smile at people we pass by?

It’s so cute when we go places because my one year old says “HI” to  everyone we pass! She is so sweet and innocent! My five year old used to  do this but she has “out grown” it. Have we out grown being kind to each  other? I love seeing strangers eyes lite up as they are told “HI” (In a very  loud, bold little toddler voice) as we pass by. Everyone smiles! No  one has ever scowled or said “leave me alone.”  People enjoy  kindness!

Even if we don’t feel like saying hi, the least we can do is look people in the eyes and smile! This simple thing has made a big impact in my life as I am in a new area and don’t know anyone and I know doing this can help everyone! I am trying to do this every time we go out. To set that example for my little ones and teach them that being kind is not something that they do for just their friends and family but to everyone. To help make our community a better place, one smile at a time.