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One of my favorite things our old ward (Jordan North 5th ward) does to help bring unity to our neighborhood is a neighborhood walk about. This is such a simple but fun family activity that really helped members and nonmembers get to know each other better. So they would post these big signs on the entrances to our neighborhood with all the information on it a few days before. This way everyone in the neighborhood knew and felt invited. We always did our walk about on Sunday evenings.  We would have a sign up where three families could sign up to be a host. The host family would set up chairs and provide a small treat and drink for everyone in their front yard. The three families would be spread throughout the neighborhood. Then we would all walk around the neighborhood, running into our friends and meeting up at these three homes! It was so fun to chat and get to know people better and the kids and a blast playing with their friends! Such a great way to build your community and learn who your neighbors are!