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25 Random But Excellent Dating Tips for Women

25 dating advice for women

The following dating tips came just off the top of my head so they are not in any particular order.  Also feel free to comment below on any other advice that you may have as there are surely more than 25 great tips.  We’ll include some of the better advice in our next 25 random dating tips.  Also, as we are equal opportunity posters, we’re not going to be forgetting the 25 dating tips for guys.  That should be up shortly.

  1. It’s perfectly acceptable to eat all of your meal. It’s actually more impressive if you can.
  2. Guys don’t take hints very well. You have to be extremely blunt for them to act on any hint you give them.
  3. Guys are not stupid. Don’t give out compliments unless you mean it. If you don’t mean it, don’t say it.
  4. There’s never an excuse for physical/emotional abuse EVER. Don’t take it and never settle for anything less.
  5. Don’t date a guy thinking that you can make him change.
  6. Don’t go on a blind date with a guy who is doubling with a mission buddy…unless of course you want to hear about their missions the entire night. 🙂
  7. Games rarely work. If you want a quality relationship, be a quality partner by being honest, sincere, and genuine.
  8. Don’t accept anything less than his full attention when you are on a date with him.
  9. If he buys you something, wear it at least once even if it’s uglier than Master P’s sneakers.
  10. Guys love it when girls are spontaneous as well. Do the random cute things for him too.
  11. Don’t one up every conversation. It’s preferable to allow him to tell a story w/out you one upping it sometimes.
  12. Don’t be fake, just be yourself. The act wears fairly thin very quickly.
  13. Don’t talk about how hot a guy was that you saw. You wouldn’t want him doing that to you so don’t do it to him.
  14. Trust your intuition. If it’s telling you that something is wrong, most likely it is.
  15. Don’t hold back your genuine emotions. If you are excited when he comes to pick you up, show it.
  16. No guy is worth losing your virtue over. If he’s not respecting this wish now, he’s going to demand more when you’re married.
  17. Do not use trickery or manipulation to get a guy to stay with you. It ALWAYS ends up bad.
  18. Show your spirituality. It’s a great asset and nothing to be ashamed of and will in fact make you more attractive.
  19. Do NOT and I repeat DO NOT go on and on about your ex. They don’t care and frankly it’s just rude.
  20. Don’t bad mouth him to his face or behind his back. There’s no reason to do this with anyone let alone someone you are dating.
  21. Don’t flirt or go on a date with another guy just to make him jealous.
  22. Not everything is his fault, take responsibility for the mistakes you make as well.
  23. Don’t be afraid to show your intelligence. Don’t pretend to be dumb just to cater to his ego.
  24. The temple has to be your goal as well as his.
  25. Do not think that marriage will fix your dating problems.  If you have major issues when dating someone, marriage alone will not fix those issues.
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9 Replies to “25 Random But Excellent Dating Tips for Women”

  1. 2 and 3 get confusing. I know the guy I like is a brilliant young man.. but when he doesn’t pick up on little stuff or people tell me that I need to go after him, even though I still believe courtship should be lead by the guy. I don’t know, i’m willing to try to be with him though.

  2. These are not bad. I would add be honest. Show respect for yourself. Don’t gossip (huge turnoff and a big window into your character.) Ask him about himself, and take interest in what he is doing and saying. Put down your cell phone, or even better, leave it off. The way you dress reflects how you respect yourself. Don’t talk all night about your friends and who is doing such and such, he will zone out and he is trying to get to know you, not them. Be interesting. Do different things. Learn a new language. Try a new sport. Take care of your physical body and be the best version of yourself possible. Stop using a ‘high pitch voice’. Studies show this ‘dumifies’ a woman. You would never sit and listen to a female news anchor with a high pitch girly voice, and it is no different for a guy on a date.

  3. One of my friends told me that in addition to food being a way to a man’s heart, his mission is too. So ask about it

    1. Yeah, if there is an awkward silence, just ask about his mission and that should fill up the next 36 hours of the date. 🙂

  4. These are good, but it seems that the main point is don’t give up your standards which could have just been stated a lot simplier, in the guys one of these it goes on about pay for the check, buy her stuff, and on and on, in this one it goes on about don’t date him if you don’t feel like it, Doesn’t really have any true advise.

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