25 dating advice for men

25 Random But Excellent Dating Advice for Men

25 dating advice for men

So just as we said we would, we are posting our random dating advice for men. Just as we did with the women, make sure to let us know any advice that you would like to add to the 25 that we are posting here.



  1. Always open the door for her.
  2. Give genuine compliments. If you don’t mean it, don’t say it. Trust me, she can tell.
  3. PDA is perfectly acceptable but don’t go overboard with family around.
  4. That being said hold hands and cuddling often.
  5. Holding hands is a must.
  6. Look for her spiritual beauty. No matter what she looks like, I promise she’ll be more attractive when you see this.
  7. Pay for the meal…it’s that simple.
  8. For crying out loud, BRUSH YOUR TEETH.
  9. Be the best self you can be…then just continue with that after marriage.
  10. Don’t be fake. You want to kill a relationship? Try it and see how it goes.
  11. Don’t cake yourself in cologne. She can’t fall in love if she is choking & can’t breathe. Just a tad is good enough.  You should not be able to noticeably smell it.  If you can, you’ve gone too far.
  12. Don’t go on a blind date with a mission buddy. Trust me, it’s just a bad idea.
  13. Learn to be self-deprecating. Laugh off embarrassing moments, the girl most likely will find it endearing.
  14. DO NOT talk about your relationship with your ex’s and everything that annoyed you about her.
  15. It’s ok to be emotionally vulnerable. Putting yourself out there is just part of game.
  16. If you are shy, join clubs and associations that involve things that you love. Shyness only comes about because you are uncomfortable.
  17. It’s ok to spend more than 30 seconds getting ready for a date. Plus getting ready helps to exude confidence.
  18. If you like her, don’t be afraid to tell her.
  19. Be creative with your dating activities.
  20. Be spontaneous.
  21. Being romantic is a good thing.
  22. Every once in a while, do something “cutesy” for her.
  23. Write a personal, handwritten note to her and leave it on her car every once in a while.
  24. Choose activities that will engage her with you and vice versa. Watching movies over and over again doesn’t cut it.
  25. Be yourself.
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2 Replies to “25 Random But Excellent Dating Advice for Men”

  1. I love your list! Thank you so much! One more I love to do:
    Flowers! Even if your just hanging out one day. If you haven’t given her a single rose for a while, just do it:)

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