Getting Out of Our Own Way


There’s a quote going around the internet that goes something along the lines of “Never allow yourself to be defined by someone else’s opinion of you.”  I really love the message behind this quote but in every version of this quote that I’ve seen, it’s always missing the most important part…the “including yourself” part. It’s [...]

Things Only Mormon Parents Will Understand

How we react the 1,000,000th time we change a poopie diaper

Listening for our phones to find where the kids left it after letting them play on it during Sacrament Meeting.     When your kids won’t let you take a nap on Sunday. When you accidentally drink your kids drink instead of yours while playing church ball.      When you try to say bye to your [...]

Because of Him

Christ because of Him

So often in the church we focus on the great achievements, prophecies and revelations that were received by the great prophets of old and by our modern day prophets. These men were called of God to lead and direct His church and to help show us the way back to return to Him. I’m profoundly [...]

Signs That You’ve Watched Frozen Too Many Times

cold never bothered me anyway frozen

Whenever you see a closed door you knock and sing, “Do you want to build a snowman?”   Whenever a girl asks you anything about their appearances, you panic if you hesitate You refer to anything that is small that has a point as a baby unicorn   You go outside with shorts on because [...]

Easter Pinterest Fails!

Easter Pinterest Fails (17)

If you are anything like me you have started searching Pinterest for some fun Easter activities. And if your also anything like me your Pinterest projects end up looking a little more like these then the original post! Well if that’s you, then enjoy and remember you are not alone in your Pinterest Fails!!   [...]

An Easter Gift to the World


Some friends of a friend Ross and Michelle Boothe  made this beautiful video for Easter. I love their work!! If you have ever struggled with something, felt angry or frustrated, or had a great loss in your life, this video is for you. Please enjoy and let the Spirit surround you as you watch You [...]

If You’re a Mormon, then you’ll Understand

When you leave the MTC to go to your mission

When we try to read our scriptures on our phones at night.   When our best friend mentions us when they bear their testimonies    Deacon Quorum Presidency’s brainstorming sessions.    Seeing a cute idea for the Relief Society craft night off Pinterest, just to have it end up as another Pinterest fail.     [...]

One BIG Thing Missing From General Conference


General Conference of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints was amazing.  No doubt about that . But as I thought about all of the sessions that I watched and the things that I learned, I realized there was something still missing. Something very important. So I wrote down my thoughts into a [...]

Changing the World, One Positive Word at a Time

How do you stay spiritually minded? Or as we like to say how do you keep smiling? This youth group from a ward in Pleasant Grove Utah did an amazing job at showing how they continue to smile by using POSITIVE WORDS. Do you think positive words have an impact on you? Whether they are [...]

The 40 year Journey – We can Do Better

40 Year Journey -

At first glance, Deut. 1:2 just seems like another random scripture that really doesn’t mean a whole lot. It reads “There are eleven days’ journey from Horeb by the way of mount Seir unto Kadesh-barnea.” These are the type of scriptures we would normally read and really not give a second thought to. However, if [...]

Elder Holland Memes…Chuck Norris style


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Judge Not


This video was done by a friend of mine Michael Jolley. It was incredibly well done and has a message that is so important for us today and told in such a way that only President Monson could portray. I hope you take a minute to listen to the great message that President Monson gives [...]

Preparing for Conference


Conference is this weekend and I am so excited to hear what the leaders of the church are going to say to us! But as it approaches, I want to ask the question, are you ready to hear the words they say? Are you prepared to hear the Spirit speak to you through our church [...]

30 of the Funniest Mormon Memes

funny hilarious mormon lds memes (21)

  As per the usual, we like to the thank the following for their contributions to these memes.   Mormon Memes BYU Memes Prepare to Serve LDS Mission Tees   And without any further delay, here are some of the best memes we’ve found over the past few months. Enjoy!           [...]

New Physical and Mental Assessment Test For Missionaries


SALT LAKE CITY – Prospective missionaries of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints will see changes to the screening process to become qualified for missionary service. The church announced a series of new requirements early Tuesday that will allow for a “better prepared, and more fully equipped” workforce of full-time missionaries. From church [...]

4 Ways to Make Church More Meaningful


You know those times you go to a meeting, program, or activity that you feel the Spirit so strong or the message was so great that you come back home with this amazing feeling that your life has been changed and you have committed to becoming a better person? EFY is a good example of [...]

Things That Every Mormon Youth Absolutely Loves


EFY Group Dates   Temples - (Credit: Scott Jarvie)   Tangled until the next one down came along    Frozen Packing as many people into the car as possible for trips John Bytheway Trek Scouts Studio C Doing baptism for the dead Non-early morning seminary Playing the Piano Midnight Betos Run Sleeping Brian Reagan Sunday School [...]

Things Only Mormons Would Understand About Sacrament Meeting

Telling your friends that you knew President Uchtdorf would use a plane analogy and he does

Trying to find which aisle our kids ran down and not being able to find them. Having Gold Fish/Cheerios all over the floor.     When the speaker brings in politics into their talk     When we nail the Sacrament talk     The Bishop’s reaction when the speaker is about to go off [...]